Top 10 spirits launches in March 2017

3rd April, 2017 by Michael J Ritchie


Islay single malt distillery Ardbeg released Kelpie last month as this year’s expression to mark its Ardbeg Day. Matured in Black Sea oak, which the distillery says isn’t often used in whisky-making due to the wood imparting “deep flavours”, Kelpie, is named after the shape-shifting cryptid said to inhabit Scottish lochs and waterways.

The Kelpie liquid is a blend of whiskies from the Black Sea oak casks and signature Ardbeg, which has matured in ex-Bourbon barrels. The combination is said to give the whisky “incredible depth”.

Nosing and tasting notes provided include oily peat, smoked fish, seaweed, dark chocolate, smoky bacon, black pepper, pine resin, clove oil, treacle toffee and black olives.

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