Hottest bar openings in March 2017

4th April, 2017 by Michael J Ritchie

Three Bottle Man

Taking its name from William Pitt, former British Prime Minister known for always carrying three bottles of liquor with him, this new bar in Sydney, Australia, opened its doors in late March. Jeremy Magan, general manager of restaurants at the Sydney Harbour Marriott, where the bar is located, said the notion of “three bottles” will carry further than in just the name.

“We’re always going to have three of everything,” he said. “Three vodkas, three rums, three beers, three ciders. The idea is that we’ll change them whenever we want, whether that’s every day or every month.”

The bar only serves Australian beverages, and all the food on Raphael Szurek’s menu is Australia-sourced too, and comprises breakfast and all-day snacks and breakfast.

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