Scottish distiller makes ‘first’ crowd-sourced gin

28th March, 2017 by Michael J Ritchie

Edinburgh Gin has turned to the world of social media to crowd-source the botanical recipes for three new expressions through Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Edinburgh Gin are turning to their consumers to inspire their newest expressions

Gin-lovers can vote for their favourite botanicals via Edinburgh Gin’s social media accounts as part of the Edinburgh International Science Festival (1-16 April).

During the event, David Wilkinson will provide an introductory overview of the science behind distillation, before hosting a tasting of the existing range. The audience will then see the crowdsourced recipes distilled before their eyes and sample the new gin expressions.

Wilkinson said: “The distillery team is excited to see what the final recipes will be and what people’s preferences are, depending on which social media platform they like to use.”

Eilidh Dunnet, senior events developer at Edinburgh International Science Festival said: “The 2017 Science Festival is all about making connections and exploring the ways that technology can help us innovate and ultimately improve our lives. We believe that a festival is not just a place where concepts are discussed but is also a place where collaborations happen and new ideas are created. We are delighted that the Edinburgh Gin team are putting this philosophy into practice in the most delicious way possible.”

The tasting event takes place on 8 April at Edinburgh Gin’s Biscuit Factory distillery, and will be live streamed through the company’s Facebook page.

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