Top 10 spirits brands on social media

13th July, 2016 by Annie Hayes

A key driver behind the marketing strategies of brands both fledgling and established, social media is no longer just a choice addition; it’s an absolute necessity in building brand loyalty.


These spirits brands have truly mastered cultivating an engaging social media presence

In a digital world of Twitter tastings, Facebook fan groups, and clickable Instagram hashtags, there are endless possibilities for interaction – and therefore promotion – and brands serious about reaching new consumers, engaging their target audience and cementing their spirits’ stature would be foolish to avoid it.

To determine our 10 Social Media Heroes, our team evaluated brands’ status on the three largest social media platforms – Twitter, Facebook and Instagram – scoring each on their overall presence, engagement, creativity, and consistency. Each was assessed on the number of likes, shares, comments, retweets and favourites; frequency and creativity of posts; and consistency across both channels and any regional accounts.

This year’s Social Media Hero is Jägermeister, which championed social media activity on multiple regional accounts – particularly Twitter – by posting engaging, frequent, relevant content, and employing aspirational images and videos.

Some of the lower-scoring brands struggled to achieve high marks for content, with scattered feeds reading more like advertising billboards as opposed to interactive, consumer-focused platforms.

Others neglected to take a consistent global approach and were stronger in some markets than others; or left dormant regional timelines lolling in cyberspace in favour of more fruitful international accounts.

Whether they’re rocking social media or still have a way to go, by making products digitally relatable brands will continue to break down the monolith illusion and further inspire ever-precious brand loyalty.

Click through the following pages to view our selection of the top 10 spirits brands on social media. 

These figures are based on research conducted by The Spirits Business in May 2016, and so the majority of brands included have most likely grown their followers and fans since.

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