Gin Mare increases gastro focus in Mediterranean Inspirations

18th May, 2016 by Amy Hopkins

Gin Mare has launched the sixth edition of its international Mediterranean Inspirations cocktail competition, with a renewed focus on the ‘gastro’ element of mixology.


Bartenders taking part in the Gin Mare Mediterranean Inspirations 2016 competition are tasked with creating an egg-inspired cocktail

The competition will once again challenge bartenders to demonstrate the Mediterranean way of life with three different cocktails: Mediterranean Gin and Tonic, Mare Nostrum Cocktail, and Gastrobartender Drink.

The Gin and Tonic round tasks bartenders to add a personal touch to the classic G&T, while in Mare Nostrum, bartenders will attempt to convey the values of lifestyle, gastronomy, climate and escape.

In the Gastrobartender round, bartenders must create a cocktail based on an “especially representative” ingredient of gastronomic culture: the egg. Bartenders may use the egg as an inspiration feature, in any format or type.

“Much more than a simple cocktail competition, Mediterranean Inspirations intends to share and transfer the Mediterranean values within the philosophy around the brand, through the creations and recipes where the gastronomy pillar would increase its importance this year,” the brand said.

Seven bartenders will be selected from semi-final rounds in Spain, Portugal, Italy, United Kingdom, Germany, Italy and USA to travel to Villa Mare in Ibiza on 4, 5 and 6 September to take part in the grand final of the competition.

The Gin Mare team launched the next edition of Mediterranean Inspirations in Cadaqués, home of famed surrealist artist Salvadore Dali, who featured the egg in numerous works.

Spain’s Manel Vehí, winner of Gin Mare Mediterranean Inspirations 2015, led a live presentation alongside Michelin star “egg specialist” Paco Pérez, creating a cocktail called Llevant A ́Saranella (pictured).

The cocktail contained rosemary branch, lemon, liquid sugar, quito orange juice, raspberry, blackberry and pasteurised egg yolk, served on a goose eggshell. It was served alongside Pérez’s shrimp royal and egg yolk distilled with Gin Mare.

Gin Mare has partnered with for this year’s competition, connecting all finalists with a local chef to develop together a unique dish to pair with their Gastrobartender drink.

For more information on the competition, or to register, go to

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