Jägermeister sees sales grow in 2015

17th March, 2016 by Amy Hopkins

German herbal liqueur brand Jägermeister has reported moderate single-digit sales growth in 2015, continuing the “successful international expansion” of its business.


Jägermeister has started to claw back sales following steep declines

Master-Jägermeister, parent company of Jägermeister, saw its volume sales grow 1.4% last year to 88.3 million bottles (6.9m nine-litre cases), meaning the brand retains its position as the world’s best-selling liqueur brand.

Jägermeister increased its global presence in 2015 and is now sold in 117 countries, compared to 108 countries in 2014. Almost 80% of the brand’s sales come from outside of its domestic German market.

Sales remained flat in Germany due to price increases, while the brand witnessed a “slight uplift” in the US.

In 2015, Master-Jägermeister acquired its long time US importer the Sidney Frank Importing Company for an undisclosed sum, giving the company “direct responsibility” for its entire business in the market.

In Spain, sales of Jägermeister exceeded three million bottles for the first time, with volumes rising “significantly” in the Czech Republic, France and Hungary.

This marks a turnaround for the brand, which has struggled to claw back declining sales in recent years. However, Jägermeister has some way to go to reach 92.2m bottle sales recorded in 2013.

Looking to 2016, the company said it was taking a “cautious approach” to forecasting due to “growing economic uncertainty” in Europe, Asia and South America.

“Provided that the economic uncertainties in many parts of the world do not worsen, we anticipate a moderate increase in sales,” said Paolo Dell’Antonio, spokesman for the executive board at Mast-Jägermeister.

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