Top six spirits space missions

27th April, 2015 by Amy Hopkins

Outer space might not seem like the natural environment to enjoy a Martini or glass of vodka, but these spirits brands refuse to be constrained by earthly boundaries.


From a whisky ageing experiment, to astronaut-friendly Martini glass, these are the top six spirits space missions

From an experiment to test the affects of gravity on the whisky ageing process, to a Martini glass specially designed for astronauts, spirits have surprisingly made their way into the boundless, weightless environment.

A number of brands ventured into space as part of extravagant marketing campaigns, while others have sponsored pioneering commercial space flights or sought the “ultimate level of cold”.

Embarking on one small step for spirits, and one giant leap for spiritskind, these are the top six spirits space missions. If you know of any more planet-hopping brands, let us know by leaving a comment below.

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