Luxco unveils ultra-premium Bourbon range

9th April, 2015 by Amy Hopkins

US spirits company Luxco has launched a new ultra-premium Bourbon range called Blood Oath, which will feature a new blend each year.


Blood Oath Pact No.1 is the first launch in Luxco’s new ultra-premium Bourbon range

The inaugural product released as part of the range is Blood Oath Pact No.1, a blend of Kentucky straight Bourbon whiskeys aged six to 12-years-old.

“I have the luxury of not being tied down to one specific distillery, so I sampled many Bourbons to find the perfect mix to make Blood Oath Pact No. 1,” said John Rempe, director of corporate research and development at Luxco and creator of Blood Oath.

“This product is an exquisite union of three well-bred Bourbons with various age statements and mash bills.”

Rempe describes the first Bourbon in the blend as “favouring rye”, while the second is a “smooth” wheated variant and the third is a “full-bodied” Bourbon with rye-based mash.

Hand-blended and bottled at 98 proof (49% abv), the product is available is “very limited quantities” across the US at an RRP of US$89.99.

Its certificate-style label bares the signature of Rempe and the specific date on which the blend was created, while an “eco-friendly” natural cork is used as a stopper.

In 2016, Luxco will launch Blood Oath Pact No.2 consisting of an entirely new Bourbon combination.

In January last year, Beam Inc sold several of its smaller brands, including Rebel Bourbon, Calvert whiskey and Dark Eyes vodka to Missouri-based Luxco for US$65m.

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