Top 50 most innovative spirit launches of 2014: 20-11

22nd January, 2015 by Amy Hopkins

In the penultimate instalment of our roundup of the most creative spirits launched last year, single malts, pioneering rums and terroir-focused Cognacs swipe the limelight.


Read on to discover the penultimate inclusions in our list of the top 50 most innovative spirit launches of 2014

Scotch whisky is a notoriously tricky spirits category in which to innovate due to the strict regulations producers must abide by. But in 2014, one 60-year-old expression shocked with its jaw-droppingly low price, while one bottler sought to educate consumers on the maturation process of the liquid.

Two rums also make appearance for their attempts to enhance the category’s premium credentials, as do gin brands which turned heads with their original choice of ingredients.

The single estate spirits trend pops up once again with Scotland’s first “farm to bottle” vodka and a Cognac which favours terroir over age.

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