Experts predict 2015 cocktail trends

10th December, 2014 by admin



Holistic hedonism” is at the heart of many developments of late. People are looking for healthier drinking, as they become increasingly aware of what they’re putting into their body.

This will see more vegetable and botanical cocktails come to the forefront worldwide, as championed by London’s Dandelyan. As Chris Patino, director of brand education at Pernod Ricard USA, says: “More savoury cocktails will continue to add another dimension to bars’ cocktails with herbs, spices, and peppers. The fact that bartenders are now working more closely with the kitchen has definitely helped.”

“A big trend will be a move towards organic, using more vegetables like squash and beetroot, and making syrups and purees,” Spain’s Diego Cabrera explains.

“It makes the colours really vibrant and the flavours more intense.”

Expect some healthier Coca Cola alternatives appearing behind the bar too.

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