The world’s 10 most pioneering distillers

4th September, 2014 by Amy Hopkins

Darek Bell

Darek-BallAs the owner and master distiller of one of the most experimental craft distilleries in the US, Darek Ball certainly warrants a mention in this list.

Having set up Kentucky-based Corsair Distillery in 2009 with friend Andrew Webber, Ball set out to make “hand-crafted and small-batch, ultra premium booze for badasses”, such as Red Absinthe, Spiced Rum, Triple Smoke Whiskey, Pumpkin Spice Moonshine and Quinoa Whiskey.

The distillery’s even more creative and seasonal spirits include a Bourbon pot distilled with Amarillo hops, a whiskey infused with elderflower and hops, and Triticale Whiskey – a new grain variety created by crossing species of wheat and rye.

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  1. I have written about Aeneas’ still in my book ‘The Lore of Whisky’ but never have seen an image of it. Absolutely fantastic! Thank you.

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