Top 10 flavoured whisky launches

17th April, 2014 by Amy Hopkins

Of all emerging spirits trends, flavoured whisky has attracted the most controversy – here are 10 of the most talked about launches in the category.


Flavoured whisky is one of the spirits industry’s most controversial trends

From Irish to Canadian, Bourbon to “Scotch” (or “spirit drink”), most whisky categories across the globe have tentatively started to step onto the flavoured spirits bandwagon.

Yet, this move has not been without controversy. While numerous Bourbon producers have now ventured into flavours, the category is still very young in both the Irish and Scotch industries.

In particular, Scotch producers who dare to add a splash of honey or lime in their liquid face the most significant backlash.

Guidelines by the Scotch Whisky Association (SWA) and EU law state no other ingredients except caramel colouring and water can be added to Scotch whisky – any releases which contravene these rules are therefore subject to widespread criticism.

However, the SWA has said that if the flavoured bottling is differentiated from Scotch, and instead labelled as a “spirit drink”, no rules have been breached. A selection of some such bottlings are included in this list.

Despite far-reaching contention, research shows that the category is poised for further growth, developing its already established popularity across the world.

Click through the following pages to see our pick of the top 10 flavoured whisky launches.

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