World’s largest gin markets

26th February, 2014 by Amy Hopkins

4. UK

UK31.2 million litres

Gin has had a chequered history with its adoptive motherland, the UK, stemming from its inherent association with the debauched era of the late 17th century when a so-called ‘gin craze’ gripped the nation.

While the moral deviances associated with gin – portrayed in Hogarth’s infamous painting ‘Gin Lane’ – affected the perception of the spirit until the 1900s, a surge in demand for Prohibition-style drinks and Mad Men cocktails over the past two years, has seen it return to prominence in the UK spirits scene once again.

The widespread rise of premiumisation in gin and the rise of UK craft gin distillers, has also contributed to the UK’s consumption of 31.2 million litres of the spirit in 2012.

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