World’s largest vodka markets

30th January, 2014 by Amy Hopkins

While growth in the vodka category may have slowed, there are some countries which maintain their rapacious thirst for the world’s largest internationally traded spirit.


Which countries do you think will be included in our list of the world’s largest vodka markets?

The boom in flavoured vodka over recent years has seen sales surge in many markets, as has an ongoing premiumisation in the category.

It will come as no surprise that the spirit remains most popular in its Eastern European heartland, yet sales have remained largely flat as consumers switch to alternative spirits categories.

Despite this shift, global vodka sales still reached 493.9m nine-litre cases last year, and is still the world’s second-largest spirit category, and the world’s largest internationally traded spirit.

But which countries consume the most vodka?

Based on Euromonitor’s findings of how many litres of vodka were consumed in 2012, we count down five of the world’s largest vodka markets.

See which spirits are predicted to reign supreme this year in our vodka brands to watch 2014.

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