Vodka vending machine found in Ukraine

10th September, 2013 by Amy Hopkins

An illegal vodka vending machine has been discovered in the centre of the Ukrainian city of Melitopol.

Vodka shots

The illegal vodka vending machine found in the Ukraine follows the discovery of a vodka pipeline in Kazakhstan

Authorities in the south eastern city are currently investigating how the device was installed, having quickly realised it was a converted coffee machine that accepted money.

Passers-by would have been able to purchase one shot of vodka for 7.50 hryvnia (£0.59) and also had access to a range of fruit juice mixers.

According to local press, Ukrainian tax inspectors are looking to interview the owners of the locally-named “wonder machine” in connection with the suspected illegal trade in alcohol.

It has been reported over recent months that the increase in the illegal production of spirits in Eastern Europe is having a negative effect on the slowing legal vodka market.

This also follows news of an illegal vodka pipeline discovered in Kazakhstan last month.

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