World’s most attractive spirit bottles

3rd June, 2013 by Annie Hayes

Whether it’s to mark an occasion as prestigious as The Queen’s accession to the throne, pay homage to a beautiful Swedish town, or celebrate their own personal triumphs, the level of craftsmanship some companies dedicate to the design of their bottle is spectacular to behold.


Are these the world’s most attractive spirit bottles?

However, spirit bottle designs vary greatly, from the ghastly to the gorgeous, the original to the ornamental and the plain to the presidential. Some bottles are best stashed away in the depths of the cupboard, whilst others deserve to be pride of place for all to admire.

Thankfully, most companies have considered that the beauty of the bottle can have an impact on its purchase potential, and have created near works of art to market their elixir —with a price tag to match, of course.

Whether for shelf standout, individuality in a duty free environment or to gain additional bids at auction, the aesthetics of a bottle can really make a difference.

We’ve listed 10 of the world’s most attractive spirits bottles – from Scotch to Cognac – that we feel are works of art in themselves.

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  1. Kelly Jaremco says:

    I can’t believe there’s no mention of the amazing bottles released by Bowmore.

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