Top 10 spirit launches in December

15th January, 2013 by Becky Paskin

The new spirit launches in December were decidedly dominated by premium, limited edition and extra-aged releases, peppered with innovative flavours and styles.

Top 10 December spirit launches

Our Top 10 spirit launches in December are dominated by innovation and age

Floral vodka, traditional Irish poitin, cream gin and maple-flavoured Canadian whisky are amongst those products showing innovation by both major brands and smaller independent producers, showing the spirits sector has plenty of creativity in its belly.

Meanwhile, once lost but now found casks of 40-year old Islay whisky and a Scotch stalwart’s oldest expression to date form the bulk of the premium extra aged whisky expressions. Not to forget an extra-anejo release from Sauza, Beam’s Tequila brand, which marks its first leap into aged Tequila.

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