Top 10 whiskies for Christmas

17th December, 2012 by Becky Paskin

The festive season is well and truly upon us, and with that in mind, our thoughts have naturally turned to listing our top 10 whiskies for Christmas.

Christmas whisky glass by fire

Which whisky will you be drinking this Christmas?

Whether you’re looking to buy a gift for a loved one, or treat yourself with a dram of something special, we’ve rounded up the 10 whiskies from around the world that are perfect for this time of year.

Most of our 10 chosen Christmas whiskies contain classic festive flavours like rich fruit cake, vanilla and cinnamon, while others make fantastic gifts.

From experimental bourbons to extravagantly-priced Scotch and everything affordable between, there’s something on this list for everyone.

Have we missed anything? Leave a comment below if your favourite Christmas whisky isn’t on our list.

3 Responses to “Top 10 whiskies for Christmas”

  1. Amanda says:

    I think if Balblair and Glenfiddich are in there Glenrothes deserves a mention. Not so widely known but growing and the Select Reserve makes a great go-to whisky for beginners and connoisseurs alike. Or for something REALLY special grab a 1988 – great post dinner dram and vintages are perfect for the wine lovers out there to understand.

  2. Irene says:

    One of my favourites for the holidays is Redbreast Single Pot Still 12 Years Old with Christmas cake spices coming through. Very accesible for beginners being triple distilled as well as around £40 so nice gifting – and make sure you get one for yourself too 😉

  3. Dee Mischler says:

    I intorduced Woodford Reserve Double Oak distilled Whiskey at my Holiday party on Saturday. It was a major hit with our guest. Not only did they know they were drinking something special, they knew it was a premium priced whiskey and a nice treat for the holidays. The flavors and complexity of the Woodford Reserve Double Oak Whiskey gives it a full rich and buttery taste with fruit notes. I have never been a whiskey drinker but I truly love Woodford Reserve.

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