World’s largest gin markets

26th February, 2014 by Amy Hopkins

The rapid rise of craft brands and Prohibition drinks has the spirits industry in the grip of a second craze for gin – these are the spirit’s largest markets.


We round-up the world’s largest gin markets

With innovation abounding the category and a continuing romanticisation of early 20th century cocktails, its no surprise that gin is experiencing what many are calling a “second renaissance” across the globe.

Countless new brands have been launched in recent years, with many attempting to stand out from the saturated group through an artisan edge.

While craft brands are not usually credited with greatly affecting spirits volume sales, independent gin brands such as Sipsmith have reached such heights of popularity, this may soon change.

Premiumisation in the category has also been boosted by the surging popularity of classic cocktails like the Negroni, Last Word, and Martini, while bartenders also seek brands with heritage in order to provide consumers with a slice a history alongside their serve.

From London Dry styles to the inclusion of savoury botanicals and a raft of spiced and flavoured gins in between, there is now a gin to suit any occasion and palate.

Based on Euromonitor’s findings of how many litres of gin were consumed in 2012, we count down five of the world’s largest gin markets.

The Spirits Business also recently compiled lists of the world’s largest markets for Cognac, Tequila and mezcal, and vodka.

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