Iconic record-breaking whisky auctions

Rare whiskies can fetch a fortune and recent years have seen auction hammers come down on numerous million-pound sales. We recall some of the most memorable record-breaking whiskies that sold on the secondary market

The impact of Covid-19 on Irish whiskey tourism

Tourism has played a central role in Irish whiskey’s success with distilleries welcoming hundreds of thousands of visitors. But how will lockdowns and travel restrictions affect the category’s future?

Top 10 resurrected spirits brands

Dwindling sales, distillery fires and prohibition measures can all spell the end for spirits producers, but not every struggling label has been confined to the history books. Here, we round up 10 brands that have been given a new lease of life

Cocktail stories: Cask Old Fashioned

Whisky specialist Black Rock uses its twist on the Old Fashioned to teach drinkers about the influence of good wood

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