The trends driving the US spirits market

The spirits category in the US is in flux, with Tequila and mezcal on the rise, low-ABV drinks and hard seltzers coming to the fore, and the industry as a whole fighting to weather the Covid-19 storm

Secluded bars to escape the outside world

The world is a difficult place right now, but just imagine if you could jet off to an isolated bar and enjoy a drink, where would you go? Here, we list 10 of the most remote watering holes across the globe

The challenges facing American whiskey investments

Large drinks groups have bought into American whiskey in recent months, but with the US suffering during the Covid-19 pandemic some of their schemes are on hold. Unfortunately, smaller players may be hit hardest

How will travel retail cope with the fallout of Covid-19?

Global travel retail was one of the leading lights of the spirits industry. However, the Covid-19 pandemic hit the channel hard and the impact is expected to last for several years. The Spirits Business asks how the sector can adapt to survive the crisis

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