The Spirits Business App

The Spirits Business app allows you to read our monthly digital magazine on your tablet or phone whilst on the go. You must have a valid subscription to access monthly digital editions, however news is free to view on The Spirits Business app.

How To Use The Spirits Business App

Get each issue of our magazine as soon as it’s published plus all of the latest breaking news and access to our library of back issues.

    1. 1. Get The App

      Download the app to your phone or tablet.
      ⏵ Apple Download
      ⏵ Android Download
    2. 2. Open The App

      Once it has been downloaded open the app.
    3. 3. Sign In

      Enter your username and password. These will have been provided to you when you subscribed to our digital or print magazine. Once these have been validated you will see a list of the magazines available for download. One magazine is included in the app without the need for download if you wish to read something straight away.
    4. 4. Download The Mag

      Click “download” to begin the download of a magazine to your phone.
      You will see a progress indicator telling you how much of the download has been completed.


  1. 5. Read The Mag

    Once the download has completed the download button will change to read.
    Click this and you will see the latest issue displayed on your device.


If you have any questions please email