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What to expect at ProWein 2024

As the industry gears up for this year’s ProWein event in Düsseldorf, Germany, we look at the spirits brands that will be exhibiting there.

The inaugural ProSpirits room will debut at ProWein 2024 this month

Things are changing at ProWein – particularly in the spirits department. Spirits are high on the agenda this year with the introduction of ProSpirits. Accompanying the pre-existing Same but Different segment, the dedicated spirits arm aims to mirror the growing popularity of the distilled sector.

Distilled beverages have long been an integral part of ProWein. The Same but Different hall has been committed to showcasing the best up-and-coming craft spirits, beer and cider from around the world – and will continue to do so in Hall 7.0.

Spirits are forecast to make big bucks in the coming years. According to Statista, sales are expected to reach €493.40 billion (US$531.13bn) this year, continuing upwards to 2027 to reach €601.70bn.

“This is why we come in now and create a new brand world where everything revolves around spirits: ProSpirits,” noted Nicole Funke, senior project manager of ProSpirits and the Same but Different trend show. “Hall 5 – right next to the Same but Different Hall 7.0 – will become the hub for spirits from throughout the world.”

More than 300 exhibitors from more than 40 countries will showcase their products in the ProSpirits hall, spanning 4,800sqm of floor space. “Areas dedicated to such product groups as whisk(e)y, Cognac, brandy, and country pavilions from Denmark, Greece, Ireland, Korea, Mexico, and the UK confirm our strategy – or to put it in a nutshell: the concept works,” added Funke.

The ProSpirits hall will comprise multiple offerings; the ProSpirits Forum will provide the main showcasing and tasting area for exhibitors. Furthermore, the Trend Hour Tastings on the first and third day of the trade fair will welcome ProSpirits trend scout Jürgen Deibel, who will highlight current industry trends, such as the ‘resurrection’ of vodkas with character, liqueurs, agave spirits, brandy, and the growing ready-to-drink (RTD) category.

Visitors can sample even more offerings in the Tasting Area – while the country pavilions will showcase Irish whiskey, soju from South Korea, Tequila and mezcal from Mexico, and rums from Mauritius. Step into the Same but Different space, and 120 exhibitors from 27 countries will be on hand to share their finest products. Approximately 100 of these will be spirits. Plus, in another first for ProWein, the forum for craft spirits will invite restaurateurs into the space to meet producers, and share ideas.

“This combination of ProWein, ProSpirits and Same but Different is absolutely unique in the global wine and spirits industry,” said Peter Schmitz, director of ProWein. “No other trade fair in the world offers international trade visitors from all over the world such a comprehensive, current and highly attractive line-up of ranges.”

A number of key spirits exhibitors are highlighted below. Continue reading to find out what you can expect from their stands in 2024.

Douglas Laing & Co


Stand: A07, Hall 7

If you’re looking for a spirits portfolio that encompasses the character of Scotland’s vast distilling scene, then head to the Douglas Laing & Co stand.

The independent company will be presenting its range of multi-award-winning whiskies, bottled to showcase Scotland’s malt whisky regions. Each expression marries together single-cask single malts, bottled without colouring or chill-filtration.

Returning to ProWein is an opportunity for Douglas Laing & Co to reinforce its relationships with current partners, while building new contacts, and increasing its global reach.

“We have been delighted to attend ProWein for many years to present our brands to such a large global audience of visitors and exhibitors,” said Lindsay McBlain, international sales business-development manager. “The show has been very fruitful for us over the years, and we have made many great connections, and have built long-standing relationships thanks to the event.”

Douglas Laing & Co will host an educational seminar in the ProSpirits room in Hall 5 at 11am on Monday 11 March.

Cognac Frapin

Cognac-Frapin ProWeinStand: A48, Hall 9

Discovering importers to expand its international footprint is high on the agenda for Cognac Frapin this year. The brand is keen to use this opportunity to enter new markets in which Frapin is currently unavailable.

In addition to creating new business opportunities, the company is also looking to reconnect with its existing importers – alongside former customers.

The French producer can be found in Hall 9, and its offerings will include a new product – Trilogie Frapin No1.

Thomas Soret, communications manager – Cognac Frapin, said: “ProWein is one of the best fairs in the world for our industry. It’s a great moment to create new opportunities.”

Frapin’s portfolio includes Frapin VSOP, produced exclusively from the wine-making estate in Cognac’s Premier Cru. Tasting notes include fruity and floral notes, including orange and dried flowers, with notes of vanilla.

Loch Lomond Group

Loch-lomond ProWeinStand: K39, Hall 5

Since 1814, Loch Lomond Group has been honing its Scotch whisky production.

Among the whiskies on offer at ProWein this year will be Loch Lomond Steam & Fire, created by master blender Michael Henry. The whisky incorporates spirit distilled on Loch Lomond’s straight-neck stills, and its more traditional swan-neck stills.

The whisky was first aged in American oak casks before being finished in heavily charred casks, treated at Loch Lomond’s own cooperage. The result is a whisky brimming with toffee, apple, and fudge aromas, leading to orange, peach, melted brown sugar, and toasted marshmallow. A medium to long dry finish brings dark chocolate and soft smoke.

David Lind, regional director Europe for Loch Lomond Group, said: “ProWein is a fantastic opportunity to meet with current partners, find new partners and talk to other key players in the spirits industry. Ultimately, events like this are key to managing our international business, expanding into new markets, launching new brands globally and, of course, meeting with old friends.”

Tahiti Rum Company


Stand: A34, Hall 14 and L55, Hall 5

Have you heard much about rum from Tahiti? If the answer is no, then ProWein presents the perfect opportunity to learn. Discover Tahiti Rum Company in both Hall 14 and Hall 5 (in Hall 5, the company will be exhibiting with its German and European distributor, Haromex Development).

Products to discover will include Ariki White, Ariki Black, Gauguin Noa Noa Vieux Rum Single Cask, Tahiti Love Coconut, Encore Lychee Liqueur, Dream Strawberry Liqueur – and that’s just naming a few examples.

Furthermore, there will be new products to discover: Tahitian Queen Pineapple Rum and Tiki Rum.

For Tahiti Rum Company, the trade show presents an exciting opportunity to gain brand recognition and build awareness of rums from Tahiti.

The company’s rums are made from sugarcane grown on the island of Taha’a, a remote outer island famous for its sugarcane and vanilla. Head distiller Vitua Richmond has been with the producer for more than 20 years, and was trained by the head distiller at Bacardi.

Brave New Spirits

Brave-New-SpiritsStand: F24, Hall 5

Are you a whisky fan looking to discover something new? Brave New Spirits has a multitude of expressions to share with potential buyers, as it aims to secure distribution in new markets.

The company’s whisky range includes the small batch Whisky of Voodoo series, and its volume portfolio: Lighthouse Blend, Highland Shepherd Single Malt, Ecosse G Single Grain Whiskies, and the single barrel Cask Noir releases.

In addition, a number of new whiskies will be unveiled during ProWein – including the Whiskyheroes range of single cask expressions.

Paul Dempsey, sales and marketing director, said: “ProWein is always one of the year’s biggest opportunities for us to present our whiskies at such a high level. Few expos cover such a large geographical area, or attract attendees working in every sector of the drinks trade, so the learning, networking and business opportunities for small companies such as Brave New Spirits are excellent.”

Skellig Six18 Distillery

Skellig-Six18Stand: G18, Hall 5

As an emerging brand on the Irish whiskey scene, ProWein presents a key opportunity for Skellig Six18 Distillery to share awareness about its portfolio.

The company is simultaneously looking forward to reconnecting with existing partners, and is hopeful it will discover new opportunities around the world to share its award-winning spirits.

Three key products will be showcased during ProWein 2024: Skellig Small Batch Irish Whiskey, Skellig Six18 Gin, and Skellig Triple Cask Single Pot Still Irish Whiskey. The latter is a limited edition release and the first bottling in the Six18 Step Collection. It received the top Master medal during The Irish Whiskey Masters 2023.

“ProWein is a really important event for us in that it brings many of our current international partners and potential new ones together in one location at once, allowing us to efficiently gather feedback, share news and introduce Skellig Six18 to a wide variety of customers across a short period of time,” said Cathal O’Connor, commercial manager.

De Kuyper

De-Kuyper-Cocktails ProWeinStand: E46, Hall 5

Known for its award-worthy liqueurs, this year De Kuyper will be focusing on its recent Ready-to-Serve range at ProWein.

In June 2023, the Dutch liqueur brand unveiled six flavours: the Espresso Martini Cocktail, the Passionfruit Martini Cocktail, the Piña Colada Cocktail, the Strawberry Daiquiri Cocktail, the Cosmopolitan Cocktail, and the Clover Club Cocktail.

The range originally launched in the Netherlands, and after what De Kuyper described as a “very successful start”, the range is also being released in Germany. Each cocktail ranges from 12% ABV to 14.5% ABV, and comes in a 500ml bottle.

Yvonne Naber, global PR at De Kuyper, noted: “At ProWein, we are excited to showcase our latest innovations and cocktail solutions for everyone and every occasion, the De Kuyper Ready-to-Serve range. Being the number-one cocktail liqueur in the world; we want to democratise the cocktail.”

Teeling Irish Whiskey


Stand: G18, Hall 5

There is a plethora of Irish whiskeys to be discovered at the Teeling stand – including a first for the Irish whiskey category: Teeling Crystal Single Malt. Crystal malt is when sugars that are naturally formed during the traditional malting process are crystallised through heat treatment in a closed system that prevents the moisture from escaping. This creates enhanced toffee-like flavours and hints of tropical fruit notes.

“We have been coming to ProWein for many years now, and really enjoy meeting industry colleagues and distributor partners alike,” a spokesperson for Teeling said.

“We have really enjoyed watching it grow into the show it is today. It is always an enjoyable experience where we have the opportunity to share stories with our partners, and make exciting plans for the year ahead.”

Additional Teeling whiskeys to discover include the brand’s flagship Teeling Small Batch Irish Whiskey. Some whiskeys from Teeling’s Collaborations collection, limited edition bottlings, and the Vintage Reserve Collection – which includes some of the oldest Irish single malts ever bottled – will also be showcased.


TFWA previewStand: D10, Hall 5

From a classic London Dry style to a forward-thinking, colour-changing spirit, there are myriad variations of Crafter’s Gin to discover on Liviko’s stand.

The range includes Crafter’s Aromatic Flower Gin (which changes colour) and Crafter’s Wild Forest Gin. Estonian liqueur Vana Tallinn will also be available to discover, alongside Hõbe Vodka, Viru Valge Vodka, RTDs, rums, and the alcohol-free Corsaro Aperitivo.

“ProWein holds significant importance for us,” a spokesperson for Liviko said. “It’s an excellent platform for networking, learning about new trends and products, and showcasing our products.”

Liviko has been a regular exhibitor at ProWein. This year, the company hopes to create new relationships and discover business opportunities. Key target markets for the firm include France, Spain and Greece, to name just three.

Cotswolds Distillery

The Cotswolds DistilleryStand: G09, Hall 5

Flying the flag for English spirits at ProWein this year is The Cotswolds Distillery. With the addition of ProSpirits to this year’s event, the producer is eager to see how the development of the spirits sector is reflected in the new space.

Both domestic and global travel retail partners will be on the agenda for The Cotswold Distillery’s time in Düsseldorf, including existing customers and new international partners.

Lynsey Eades, international sales and global travel retail director, noted: “We are excited to be attending ProWein again, and driving the category of English whisky. ProWein is a great opportunity to continue with our strategic international expansion. We have an amazing portfolio of products, including select limited editions, in both our gin and whisky categories.”

Towards the end of last year, The Cotswolds Distillery unveiled its first whisky advertising campaign, designed to appeal to a younger generation of drinkers. Titled ‘English for Whisky’, the campaign focuses on Cotswolds Signature Single Malt; the distiller will drive awareness of the campaign further during the trade fair.

Destilería Orendain

Destileria OrendainStand: C10, Hall 5

Agave spirits fans should be sure to stop by Destilería Orendain stand to discover the company’s busy Tequila portfolio.

Products on offer at the event will include: Tequila Orendain, Tequila Batanga, Tequila Ollitas, Tequila Gran Orendain, and Kalore Coffee Liqueur.

The Orendain family has been producing Tequila for almost a century, having begun in 1926. Gran Orendain Blanco Tequila, as an example of the company’s products, is bottled at 38% ABV. It is made from triple-distilled agave.

This year, the company is seeking to grow its international exposure and hopes to meet new importers in the Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) region.

Steven Gatto, export manager EMEA, said: “We are very excited to attend as exhibitors at ProWein. We already have a booked agenda with many of our current importers and also new leads for the many markets where we hope to establish new partnerships.

“We are looking forward to presenting the Orendain family and its legacy.”

Powerscourt Distillery

Powerscourt-Distillery-ProWeinStand: J37, Hall 5

“This year we are excited to be back at ProWein, where we will have the chance to showcase our enhanced core Fercullen whiskey portfolio to both our current and prospective new markets,” said Ryan Stapleton, global head of sales at Powerscourt.

Powerscourt, the home of Fercullen, is situated on the historic Powerscourt Estate in County Wicklow, Ireland.

Visitors to ProWein will have the chance to get a glimpse of the brand’s home through a selection of its key whiskeys. The stand will showcase Fercullen Falls, which was inspired by the distillery’s waterfall – the highest in Ireland, at 121m. It is made from a blend of 50% malt and 50% grain whiskeys.

The Fercullen 21 Years Old will also be available. This is an annual release, and the 2023 edition is a marriage of 21-year-old, Bourbon barrel-matured malt with a selection of Spanish oloroso Sherry and PX-finished whiskeys. It is described as the distillery’s most exclusive expression yet.

Belfast Distillery

Belfast-Distillery ProWeinStand: J39 and H43, Hall 5

“Our presence at ProWein is focused on strengthening connections with our current distributor partners and building new connections with prospect partners,” said Mark Johnston, head of sales and marketing. “We are especially excited about sharing the news regarding the opening of McConnell’s Distillery, and our team is committed to restoring the legend back in Belfast with McConnell’s Irish Whisky.” As you can see, there are some big plans in the works at Belfast Distillery.

In addition to this, ProWein will present the opportunity for the distillery to share some of its top drams with fellow whiskey lovers. Examples will include McConnell’s 5 Years Old, a blend of Irish malt and grain whiskeys, which have been aged in Bourbon casks. Tasting notes include vanilla sweetness, ripe fruits, butterscotch, and pepper spice.

Meanwhile, McConnell’s Sherry Cask Finish was aged for five years in first-fill select Bourbon barrels, before spending time in oloroso Sherry casks. The maturation process has imparted notes of dried figs, dark chocolate and lingering spice. More can be discovered on the stand.


Luxco-El-Mayor-Tequila ProWeinStand: F36, Hall 5

This year’s event will mark the official European launch of Luxco’s El Mayor Tequila.

Distilled at Destiladora Gonzalez Lux in Arandas, Mexico, four award-winning spirits will be available for the first time outside of the US. They are: Blanco, Reposado, Añejo, and Cristalino.

Each El Mayor Tequila is made entirely from 100% estate-grown Blue Weber agave.

Greg Mefford, international sales director, Luxco, said: “ProWein is one of the most significant trade events on our annual calendar. It provides the ideal platform to connect with a whole range of industry players, from bartenders to distributors, and get that sought-after one-on-one time to discuss our business’s heritage, values, portfolio, and future movements.

“Crucially, when it comes to bringing a brand to a new territory, it allows us to gain valuable feedback, build brand excitement and drive new sales.”

Luxco noted the “meteoric rise” of premium Tequila; El Mayor, for example, has enjoyed 137% growth over the past seven years.

Creamy Creation

Creamy-Creation-ProWeinStand: F02, Hall 5

Creamy Creation is continuously pushing the boundaries of innovation in the liqueur category. This year’s appearance at ProWein will be no exception to the rule.

Visitors to this year’s show will be able to sample Creamy Creation’s award-winning Frozen Vegan Piña Colada concept for the first time.

Furthermore, the leading B2B (business-to-business) manufacturer and developer of cream liqueurs will also be showcasing a selection of on-trend concepts, made with a variety of spirits and ingredients. For example, the company has created a blue matcha cream liqueur concept, and a luxurious Bourbon cream – plus, a smooth, pre-mixed Espresso Martini cocktail.

Creamy Creation is keen to explore the show floor and discover how trends are translating to spirits – and how it can enhance its products in keeping with demands.

Pacific & Lime

Pacific-Lime-Tequila-ProWeinStand: B10, Hall 5

If Tequila and mezcal have piqued your interest, then Pacific & Lime makes for an ideal stop in Hall 5.

The team there will be eager to transport visitors to Mexico with their award-winning products – including Pacific & Lime’s Tequila Blanco. The 100% Agave Azul Tequila aims to take drinkers on a journey to discover the heritage, craftsmanship and joy behind the brand. Pacific & Lime made its name with Mezcal Artesanal – Noble Coyote, which it is also looking forward to sharing with guests.

Nikša Pirović, managing founder, said: “ProWein is a crucial stage for Pacific & Lime to bring our unique vision to life. Since our inception, where we began with Mezcal Noble Coyote, to the creation of our Tequila Blanco, it’s been a journey of passion and dedication to authenticity.

“Our booth at ProWein is a slice of Mexico – a place where every visitor can experience the essence of our Tequila and the soul of our brand. We invite you to join us in this celebration of culture, quality and the spirit of togetherness that defines Pacific & Lime.”


StauningStand: D40, Hall 5

Danish whisky is becoming a key subcategory in the world whisky sector – and Stauning is inarguably a key driver behind its increased profile.

At ProWein this year, the distiller will be showcasing four of its products: Double Malt, Danish Rye, KAOS, and Smoke.

Stauning will be sharing its ‘distinctly Danish’ approach to whisky production during ProWein: crafted with intentionality, simplicity, sustainability, timeless style and a touch of ‘hygge’, of course.

Stauning Double Malt is a marriage of the distiller’s Danish Rye and single malt whiskies. The signature Danish Rye whisky is made with local floor-malted rye grains, and the Smoke Single Malt is smoked with heather and peat.

The ‘one of a kind’ KAOS Triple Malt marries Smoke Single Malt with unsmoked single malt whisky and malted rye.

And if that’s not enough to sate whisky enthusiasts, Stauning’s more experimental Research Series will also be at the booth.

Southwestern Distillery

Southwestern-Distillery-ProWeinStand: B07, Hall 7

The creator of Tarquin’s Gin, Twin Fin Rum, and the recently released Connie Glaze Slow Sand Filtered Vodka will be showcasing its finest wares in Hall 7, in partnership with its distributor in Germany, Winefactory.

“Southwestern Distillery is delighted to be returning to ProWein 2024 and to showcase our full portfolio of brands to existing and new distribution partners from across the globe,” said Chris Briers, head of export and travel retail.

“This year we are particularly delighted to include our newly released Connie Glaze Slow Sand Filtered Vodka on the back of its tremendous success since launch.”

Southwestern Distillery is looking forward to connecting with existing partners and new distribution partners from around the world.

Casa Redondo

Casa-Redondo-ProWeinStand: H57, Hall 5

Casa Redondo is a family affair, proudly led by the third generation. The company’s goal is to bring the finest Portuguese products to the world stage, combining decades of experience, knowledge and brand building.

At stand H57 in Hall 5, visitors will be able to discover Casa Redondo’s core brands, including Licor Beirão – “the favourite drink in Portugal” – and Per Se, an apéritif designed to transport drinkers to the sunny south of the country.

Daniel Redondo, CEO, said: “Showing up at ProWein is us putting our global dreams out there. This major leap in getting our name out worldwide puts Casa Redondo on the map as a spirits industry leader. It is also a great opportunity to meet our friends from every continent.”

Casa Redondo’s presence is not just about showcasing its products; it hopes to use the time to connect with likeminded business professionals in pursuit of its strategy to fill gaps in its distribution, and promote the company on a global scale.

The Spirits Business and the drinks business

Spirits-Business-Magazine-ProWeinStand: D03, Hall 9

Members of the editorial, commercial and events teams spanning both The Spirits Business magazine and its sister title, the drinks business, will be out in force at ProWein.

If you’re heading through Hall 9, be sure to stop by stand D03, where members of the team will be happy to meet you.

Melita Kiely, editor of The Spirits Business, said: “Our team hugely values ProWein as an international show, and we look forward to connecting with our valued media partners in person each year. It’s also a great opportunity to discover new products and trends, and to build new relationships – which have arguably never been more important than in today’s competitive market.”

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