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EzTenda excited to launch in Australia and Spain

Ian Mason, general manager for Australia and New Zealand, and Tiago Amorim, general manager for Spain, discuss the importance of keeping pace with technological advancements, developments in Spain and Australia, and how EzTenda is improving how brands and venues work together.

Ian Mason (left) and Tiago Amorim

How would you describe EzTenda?

IM: EzTenda is a better way for drinks brands and hospitality venues to do business together. EzTenda is solutions-focused, designed to make securing drink listings and brand support as convenient as possible.

What was the inspiration behind EzTenda?

TA: The tendering process is well known to Sam Showering, EzTenda’s founder, from his time in the drinks and hospitality industries, and in particular his experience owning and running Pedrino (a ready-to-drink spirit). As a brand owner, Sam felt frustrated and locked out of many tenders. Securing drinks listings for venues and brands seemed to be based on enduring relationships, with brands and venues seemingly resigned to tolerating the status quo. In addition, unbeknown to consumers they were missing out on exciting new experiences from this outdated model. The pandemic accelerated Sam’s desire to see the industry change, and he focused on improving on the outdated and inefficient in-person tendering process.

How does it work?

IM: Venues post tenders for drinks listings, and brands bid with products and brand support (eg. listing fees, marketing budgets). Venues and brands easily connect via in-app messaging, with venues providing feedback and ratings to get stronger bids. Venues can also request samples. Once the tender ends, venues choose winners, with both parties receiving PDF listing agreements.

Who can work with you, and are you international?

IM: We work with all drinks brands. In January 2024 we will be launching EzTenda in Australia and Spain.

Why did you choose Spain?

TA: Spain is one of the largest recreational tourist destinations in the world. It has also recently seen some of its venues (bars and restaurants) recognised in some of the most famous industry-ranking publications. In a market where tourists are looking for gastronomical and bar experiences, brands have identified Spain as a market to invest in and develop strategies. The introduction of EzTenda opens an array of opportunities for venues to explore and brands to showcase their portfolio in a market considered as a priority by most industry leaders. We are in an early stage of development. We have great feedback from the market, and ambition is high. Once we have legal details aligned and a sales team we can launch the Spanish version.

Tell us about your plans for Australia.

IM: The unique challenges and opportunities presented by the country’s vast geographical expanse influenced the decision to choose Australia. Given the size of the country, connecting brands and outlets efficiently and effectively can be challenging. Despite this, Australia boasts a thriving on-trade, with world-class venues. The introduction of EzTenda addresses these challenges by providing a platform that supports venues, brands and wholesalers, and contributes to continued growth. Moving back to Sydney with the family coincided perfectly with the search for someone to bring EzTenda to Australia, creating a great opportunity. EzTenda is launching in Australia in January, and we’re excited to offer some incredible tenders that will attract brands to the platform.

What are the key trends you’re noticing in the spirits world?

IM: Premiumisation is still strong for standard listings, with operators keen to trade up. Sustainability in new formats is growing, and ‘local’ still matters when brands decide on partners.

What has been your biggest success this past year?

TA: We have grown the number of tenders on the platform by 400% in the past year.

Why is it important for the spirits company to keep up with the latest technology?

IM: We’ve seen technology transform how the industry operates. From consumers utilising venue apps for orders to establishing Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) with brand suppliers, these advancements have become integral to modern business practices.

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