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Aubrey Plaza teams up with Cointreau

French drinks group Rémy Cointreau has teamed up with Parks and Recreation actor Aubrey Plaza to showcase its orange liqueur brand in a Margarita cocktail.

Aubrey Plaza stars in two spots for the campaign

The new Cointreau campaign plays on the idea of enjoying a Margarita the ‘MargaRight way’, as opposed to the ‘MargaWrong’ way.

White Lotus star Plaza said: “I love Margaritas – and the only way to make them MargaRight starts with three ingredients: Cointreau, Tequila and fresh lime juice, otherwise, it’s just MargaWrong.”

She continued: “This summer, you’ll only catch me ordering Margaritas MargaRight, and Cointreau will always be at any party of mine.”

The campaign has produced one 30-second spot, featuring Plaza scolding a guest for bring a giant pre-mixed Margarita cocktail, and another which see’s Plaza rejecting a Margarita made in a bar without Cointreau.

“Cointreau has a history of cinematic storytelling, with continued investment in marketing and partnerships with top-tier celebrity talent, now including Aubrey Plaza,” said Nicolas Beckers, president and CEO at Rémy Cointreau America.

“We want to continue to invite consumers to enjoy our brand wherever they are, and Aubrey is the perfect partner to showcase how three simple ingredients – Cointreau, Tequila and fresh lime juice – are all you need to make your summer, and Margarita, MargaRight.”

Last year, the brand partnered with Schitt’s Creek star Dan Levy to produce a digital series elevating the brand’s cocktails.

To watch the on-trade campaign video, click below.

The Spirits Business sat down with Nicolas Beckers, CEO of Rémy Cointreau Americas, for an exclusive chat on the new partnership.

What makes this Cointreau’s ‘biggest campaign’ to date?

Cointreau has been an essential ingredient in the original Margarita since its creation in 1948 and this year marks the 75th anniversary of the iconic cocktail, so we wanted to push ourselves to create a memorable campaign to celebrate the milestone.

Not only is it our largest summer investment and consumer reach to-date, but this is the first time we are producing a celebrity campaign with our own agency partner.

Why was Aubrey chosen for this campaign and how does she communicate the campaign’s message?

Our campaign is rooted in showing people everywhere that the only way to make a Margarita MargaRight starts with three simple ingredients: Cointreau, Tequila and fresh lime juice. The direction and tone are fresh and different for the brand, so it was important that we had the right partner to ensure it landed.

The way Aubrey can convey an unabashed and irreverent honesty in a comedic tone that resonates aligned perfectly with the idea behind MargaRight. She is also a true fan of the brand, making it a perfect match for the campaign.

How and where can consumers view the campaign?

Throughout the summer, the campaign will run across various connected TV, digital, social media and audio platforms. We are going wider than ever before on the brand, while staying focused on reaching Margarita drinkers. You’ll also see Cointreau, Aubrey Plaza and other Cointreau partners making Margaritas #MargaRight on their social platforms, too.

Will the brand continue to promote innovation and experimentation with Margaritas (such as with the Cointreau Margarita Challenge) while also promoting the MargaRight messaging?

The MargaRight campaign brings innovation to the original Margarita by offering a fresh take on what it means to enjoy the iconic cocktail the right way. This is why we instantly loved the MargaRight concept and believe there are so many other ways to bring the MargaRight catchphrase to life.

Cointreau Margarita Challenge
The original Margarita is made with Tequila, Cointreau and fresh lime juice

With Cointreau being such a pivotal ingredient in numerous classic cocktails, why is the brand choosing to focus its attention on the Margarita specifically?

The Margarita is the number one cocktail consumed in the US and enjoyed all year long, with summer being a key consumption season, so we wanted to double down on efforts when consumers are ordering, or making, Margaritas more often.

Why do you think the Margarita is so popular with consumers?

The original Margarita is a transformative cocktail that can take any experience up a notch – when made MargaRight with Cointreau, of course. Consumers recognise that it’s simple to make, and even easier to enjoy, which makes it one of the most beloved cocktails.

With the Margarita’s rise in popularity, how has that correlated to sales of Cointreau, both in the on- and off-trade?

Cointreau continues to see positive trends in the spirits category, with strong momentum in both on-trade and off-trade. Cointreau has had very strong growth over the last few years across the US. The brand has seen positive performance year-round and most recently a tremendous performance during the Cinco de Mayo period. This reiterates the brands relevance in home entertaining occasions as well as in bars and restaurants.

Does Rémy Cointreau have any plans to acquire a Tequila brand in the near future so that it can complement the promotion of Cointreau and the classic Margarita?

At this time, we are focused on making Margaritas MargaRight with Cointreau, as the essential ingredient in the original Margarita. Though we have had such great momentum on this brand over the past several years, there is so much more room to grow as people pursue making cocktails at home and seek high-quality ingredients in their drinks on-premise, as well.

Last year it was revealed that Cointreau is the most popular liqueur used in the making of the Margarita in the US on-trade.

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