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Top 10 April Fool’s pranks 2023

Spirits brands got particularly creative this year to mark April Fool’s Day. We’ve rounded up the most innovative pranks pulled by leading names in the industry.

April Fool's
The ‘world’s first green whisky’ was unveiled by World Whisky Day

Ever wanted to distil whiskey in your own back garden, or have a matching perfume for your go-to dram? Spirits brands offered this and more on April Fool’s Day this year to get its fans giggling. Some inventive creations may even be met with disappointment from consumers when they realise they don’t actually exist – yet.

Which April Fool’s prank is your favourite? Scroll through the top 10 for a laugh.

Skyy Vodka’s Cheddar Martini


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A post shared by SKYY® Vodka US (@skyyvodka)

With the latest news of the Parmesan Espresso Martini going viral, Skyy Vodka jumped on the trend with its own Cheddar Espresso Martini.

Posting a video on Instagram of a bartender crafting a Hazelnut Espresso Martini with Skyy Vodka, the clip included the cocktail being topped with copious amounts of thick cheddar cheese shavings.

The video then suggested not garnishing the cocktail at all, rewinding the garnishing of cheese and presenting a regular Espresso Martini – “or just stick to the flavourful Hazelnut Martini with Skyy Vodka and Frangelico”, it concluded.

Seven Three’s left-handed range

Craft spirits company Seven Three Distilling unveiled a range of its spirits for left-handed bartenders, including vodka, gin, whiskey and Bourbon. The products’ display labels, which were shown to be printed backwards, were said to be ‘made especially for the left-handed bartenders because not everything can be all right’.

Malibu creates with Irn-Bru

April Fool's

Here’s a partnership nobody saw coming: Pernod Ricard-owned Malibu teamed up with Scottish carbonated drinks brand Irn-Bru to create Mali-Bru – extra points to this prank for its naming of the product.

‘Bru good to be true?’ the brand asked. Turns out yes it was.

The brand alleged the product was to be rolled out as a ready-to-drink (RTD) canned cocktail, ​​with Irn-Bru’s ginger nectar profile elevating Malibu’s tropical coconut notes. The canned RTD evokes ‘white sandy beaches, iron girders, and a sun-kissed Cumbernauld’, said the partners.

Mali-Bru will supposedly be available in 250ml cans at an ABV of 5%, but we won’t be holding our breath.

Sailor Jerry’s cereal spoof


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A post shared by Sailor Jerry (@sailorjerry)

Spiced rum Sailor Jerry told its followers their requests were heard on 1 April, and it was releasing Sailor’s Crunch – a new cereal with ‘sweet marshmallow flash and just a touch of spice’.

‘This cereal is fool of flavour,’ the brand quipped. The cereal was said to be for early-risers aged 21+ only.

Pinkster’s Gin Gum

April Fool's

Pinkster Gin, known for its pink gin releases, apparently stepped into creating gum on 1 April.

Pinkster Gin Gum was created after much experimentation at the brand’s headquarters, said Pinkster Gin, with researchers finally mastering ‘​​the right molecular mix to blow the perfect raspberry each time’.

A natural by-product, the gum was said to be made with fresh Cambridgeshire fruit. ‘We think you’ll be blown away,’ the brand joked.

WhistlePig’s DIY whiskey distilling


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A post shared by Traeger Grills (@traegergrills)

Ever dreamed of spending the weekends batching up your own whiskey in your garden? For one day only, it was finally a possibility. Almost.

American whiskey band WhistlePig collaborated with Traeger Grills to unveil the first Still in a Grill, a device to create rye whiskey in your own back yard.

The drop and distill system was said to work well with a Still in a Grill starter kit, which comprises pellets, rye, and yeast pre-measured for a ‘foolproof’ distilling process.

Franklin and Sons goes to space

Tonic and mixer brand Franklin and Sons revealed it was test-tasting its drinks in space, to create the ‘ultimate drinking experience’. The outer-space prank also included claims that the brand’s carbonated liquid coats your tongue in zero gravity, creating an experience where drinkers could taste every element of the liquid across their palate.

‘Following initial testing on zero-gravity flights’, the brand said, preparation for its tonic water to travel to space was being rolled out, ‘in the race to serve the first Gin and Tonic in space’.

The world’s first green whisky

Step up, the world’s first green whisky has been created by World Whisky Day (WWD). Uaine was named after Lochan Uaine – or ‘the green loch’ in Aviemore, Scotland.

Pronounced ‘oo-in-ye’, Uaine was said to be sustainably-made at a B Corp distillery – ‘what better way to give the environment the representation it deserves than in a crystal tumbler?’, the organisation asked.

The whisky is initially presented with an expected golden colour, but supposedly turns green when mixed with water. WWD claimed it had been soft-launched in Dublin for St Patrick’s Day.

Slydog releases rum-flavoured vape

Spiced rum brand Sly Dog ventured into the vape sector, supposedly releasing a ‘0% alcohol’ vape, imitating the taste of Sly Dog rum, alongside a video campaign for the product.

“Introducing Cunning Clouds, the latest addition to the Sly Dog family,” the brand said. “Infused with the iconic taste of Sly Dog Spiced Rum”, Cunning Clouds claimed to be a 0% nicotine and 0% alcohol vape that delivers a rich and aromatic experience.

“Available for pre-order now, Cunning Clouds is the perfect way to enjoy the distinctive taste of Sly Dog Rum wherever you go.”

Laphroaig’s Peat Perfume


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A post shared by Laphroaig (@laphroaig)

Scotch whisky brand Laphroaig mocked up its new Peat Perfume in time for 1 April.

‘Awaken your sense with a masterful blend of our signature peaty punch, charred oak staves and smoked spices to bring the aromas of Islay to life,’ it suggested.

Distillery manager Barry MacAffer said: “This has been a hugely exciting project that I didn’t believe was possible. Finally, smelling smoky can be a compliment.”​

The post claimed the perfume would be available soon exclusively to Laphroaig. ‘Will you be embracing the Peat?​’ the brand asked its Instagram followers.

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