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Booze banter: SB’s favourite festive spirits

The best way to get The Spirits Business editorial team in the festive spirit is with – you guessed it – festive spirits.

We’ve rounded up our go-to spirits for the festive period

From indulgent cream liqueurs and cocktail-pimping syrups, to washing-up-free Margaritas and the perfect Christmas morning serve. Yes, for Team SB spirits are for life, not just for Christmas, but if you want to know what we’ll be specifically drinking over the holidays, keep on reading.

The King’s Ginger liqueur


A hip flask filled with The King’s Ginger liqueur is always my plus-one to a Boxing Day walk. Spicy, warming and sweet, this tingling, sweet ginger liquid, with a subtle spike of zesty lemon, is the epitome of Christmas to me.

The recipe for this viscous, golden liqueur was inspired by the original spirit first crafted in 1903 by royal warrant for His Majesty King Edward VII. When not sipping it al fresco, it makes for a delicious extra-boozy base for a mulled cider that should be enjoyed around the fire while watching Miracle on 34th Street.

Georgie Collins, digital editor

French 75


There’s something quite luxurious about a French 75 cocktail, and if there’s ever a time of year to channel a bit of luxury, it’s Christmas. Combining gin, fresh lemon juice, simple syrup and Champagne (or any alternative sparkling wine), this is a fresh and sophisticated serve. Dutch brand Sir Edmond Gin gives a great contemporary spin on this classic cocktail, with notes of vanilla, prominent juniper, cardamom, ginger, and more. If you’re looking to elevate your Christmas Mimosas this year, the French 75 is the way to go.


45ml Sir Edmond Gin

15ml Lemon juice

15ml Simple syrup

75ml Champagne or sparkling wine

Method: Add the gin, lemon juice and simple syrup to a cocktail shaker with ice, shake and strain into a flute. Top with Champagne or sparkling wine and garnish with a twisted lemon peel.

Melita Kiely, editor

Martin Miller’s Winterful Gin

Winterful Gin

This time of year is perfect for hot boozy drinks that you can sip while watching the snow fall.

Martin Miller’s limited edition Winterful Gin is the ideal winter warmer with its flavours of cinnamon, hints of mandarin peel and cardamom. The gin itself was inspired by the ingredients typically used to make mulled wine in England and Iceland.

I prefer mixing the gin with ginger beer or try it with red wine, honey, lemon and Licor 43 liqueur to make a hot mulled drink, complete with a cinnamon stick.

Nicola Carruthers, deputy editor

Grand Marnier Liqueur

Of all the spirits to pick from, I opt for Grand Marnier’s Cordon Rouge Liqueur over the Christmas period. Poured straight in a fancy glass, or served as splash in a Prosecco, I’m obsessed with using Christmas as an excuse to drink more of this than usual.

It’s an extremely warming drink, with the orange notes subtle and the finish noticeably long. Plus, it’s already tied up with a red ribbon – it’s basically asking to feature on the bar top during the festive season.

Alice Brooker, senior staff writer

Moth Margarita

Moth margarita

Anyone who knows me knows I am a huge fan of Tequila, so unsurprisingly my go-to cocktail is often a Margarita, a classic serve that’s sharp, citrusy and seriously quaffable. But I’m also a big fan of convenience – and when convenience comes packaged in a cute 125ml can, even better.

Moth has created the perfect ready-to-pour Margarita cocktail, blending Tequila, triple sec and lime. Pop it in the fridge, chill it down, and serve in a Martini glass – or pour over good-quality ice. Minimal fuss, minimal washing up – and absolutely delicious.

Melita Kiely, editor

Black Cow vodka (with Black Cow cheddar)

A Christmas without a cheeseboard is like a game of Monopoly without a flaming family argument – probably better for your blood pressure, but just not quite Christmas without it.

I like to up the indulgent ante with the addition of booze to my platters of dairy, and it doesn’t get much better than a glass of straight-from-the-freezer Black Cow vodka to go seamlessly with a chunk of Black Cow cheddar.

In case you didn’t know, this creamy vodka is made from distilled whey, a bi-product from the Black Cow cheese-making process – so pairing the two together is as close to closed-loop consumption you can get. Sweet baby cheesus.

Georgie Collins, digital editor

Barra Atlantic Gin

My go-to cocktail over the festive period is a simple Gin and Tonic, embellished with an orange peel, grind of pepper and sprig of rosemary. And the gin I like to feature is Isle of Barra’s Atlantic bottling.

Launched by an independent Scottish producer, the gin is distilled with 17 botanicals, and of those 17 it’s the Carrageen seaweed that makes the gin stand out.

Alice Brooker, senior staff writer

Kyrö Dairy Cream

Kyrö dairy cream

It wouldn’t be Christmas without an indulgent cream liqueur. Finland’s Kyrö Distillery brought out a gluten-free dairy cream that is decadent and velvety smooth – a delicious alternative to other well-known cream liqueurs on the market. It’s packed with hints of chocolate, coffee and toffee, and incredibly moreish.

I usually drink this over a few cubes of ice and it also goes wonderfully well with coffee. I can imagine it would make an excellent addition to a White Russian.

Nicola Carruthers, deputy editor

Monin Gingerbread syrup 


Moving away from spirits, when I want to level up my glass of fizz, I tend to reach for a bottle of Monin gingerbread syrup to give the traditional Champagne Cocktail a bit of a festive twist.

By swapping out the sugar cube for a generous slug of this lightly spiced flavoured syrup, and adding a 10ml measure of Cognac (one of these, probably), it takes this fancy Christmas morning-appropriate serve to new heights.

Georgie Collins, digital editor

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