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SB meets… Caspar Pessers, Pesco Supply Co

We speak to the founder of Dutch wholesaler Pesco Supply about navigating global challenges, and the hottest products on the spirits market.

Caspar-Pessers-Pesco Supply
Caspar Pessers, of Pesco Supply Co

What was the inspiration behind establishing Pesco Supply in 2002?

After several years in the international trade and duty free sector, I wanted to create a company that caters to the world with three product groups: spirits, beer and non-alcoholic beverages. The central location of the Netherlands is an important advantage for our business. With the port of Rotterdam providing access to the world, and all major brewers located around or in the Netherlands we are a spider in the web of international spirits and beer trade.

What makes Pesco Supply stand out from other wholesalers?

Our service truly fuels our commercial engine. In our wholesale business, we strive to outperform all others by living up to our promises; we make clear agreements with brand owners, and we stick to them. Our staff are committed to being the best and most reliable in our business. A good reputation and a long-term horizon have always been the philosophy of our business. We buy directly from key brand owners in the beer industry and independent distillers. Therefore, we can offer the most attractive prices.

How has Pesco adapted to the challenges of the pandemic?

Several duty free sectors have suffered severely during the two years of Covid. We have seen a drop in sales for most duty free sectors, and managed to shift business to supplying independent regional wholesalers. We have also noticed a change in demand; for instance, we see more demand for high-end spirits. We have access to these products, so the pandemic has boosted our performance. Our company has proven to be Covid-proof.

How are you overcoming the global supply chain and logistical challenges?

These are enormous challenges for all of us. We are shipping predominantly in containers, and freight costs have seen unprecedented steep rises. With cheaper products such as beer, these higher costs per carton are not commercially justifiable. We are constantly looking for the most favourable solutions for our customers.

As a wholesaler, how do industry trends affect how you work?

In spirits we all know that every few years there is a new trend. At the moment Tequila is hot, so we aim to increase the assortment in our portfolio. We have even developed our own Tequila, and also our own white spirit family under the umbrella name Jessy’s Barrel.

Tell us more about the travel retail part of your business.

The main activities in duty free are border shops and ship chandler services; we also supply military and diplomatic channels. In Africa and the Middle East we do business with NGOs as well.

Where are your strongest markets?

Traditionally we are strong on the Arabian Peninsula, and for the past decade also in West Africa, where we have our own operations. In developing markets, such as Togo and Benin, we represent companies such as Heineken and some small distillers. We are trying to seize opportunities in central Asia and the Caucasus.

What is the secret to Pesco Supply’s success?

We strongly believe in the personal approach. The value of our company is the quality of our employees. This is still a people business and, as such, is our modus operandi. After 20 years in business, key players know how to find us and they are aware of our reputation; we see our customers as long-term partners in business.

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