Fierce Whiskers Distillery prepares for opening

24th June, 2021 by Melita Kiely

A new distillery and tasting room will open in Texas, US, later this summer, called Fierce Whiskers Distillery.


The Fierce Whiskers Distillery rickhouse (photo credit: Austin Cochran)

Fierce Whiskers Distillery is the brainchild of Texans Tri Vo and Tim Penney, and has been in development since 2015.

Production began in September 2020, with plans to release Fierce Whiskers Straight Rye by 2023 and a ‘premium’ four-year-old straight Bourbon by 2024. The distillery also hopes to release a single malt whiskey.

Fierce Whiskers Distillery features a ‘modern’ tasting room, four-storey rickhouse, outdoor space and picnic tables for gatherings and events, and there are plans to also offer members’ club activations, to team up with local food trucks and restaurants, and host live music and screenings, to name just a few ideas.

The distillery name was inspired by an 1849 quote from the 19th president of the US, Rutherford B Hayes, who said: “Austin is an inconsiderable village with large expectations…full of discharged ‘rangers’…costumes of every variety…fierce whiskers, gaming, and drinking very abounding in all quarters.”


The Fierce Whiskers rickhouse (photo credit: Austin Cochran)

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