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28th May, 2021 by Alice Brooker

The F&B Run Club

F&b fun run

A new charity initiative in Hong Kong, set up by Metagroup chairman Roger Chan, is encouraging people to collectively run the distance to the moon in aid of charity.

Chan, a food and beverage (F&B) entrepreneur, recognised the devastating economic impact of Covid-19 on businesses, and is raising money for charities Inspiring HK Sports Foundation and Lifewire Foundation with the run club.

The Run to the Moon campaign aims to stack up kilometres that make up the distance from the earth to the moon – 384,400km in total.

Participants have been contributing kilometres since 1 April, and those wishing to join can download the Strava app, and then request to join the F&B Run Club group. Walking, hiking or using a treadmill are options to contribute kilometres too. Go to the F&B Run Club for more details.

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