Top 10 spirits marketing moves in March 2021

6th April, 2021 by Owen Bellwood

The Lost Explorer Mezcal

To mark Earth Day on 22 April, The Lost Explorer Mezcal has launched a campaign to inspire drinkers to be more mindful of the environment.

The Lost Explorer will ‘celebrate the Earth’ through a host of sustainable practices. The brand will transform agave waste from production into fertiliser, and pledges to plant at least three agave plants for each one used in its production.

Don Fortino Ramos, maestro mezcalero at The Lost Explorer, said: “From the moment we are going to harvest a plant, we must think about what we will be returning to nature. Because right now, the big problem is that everyone extracts [from nature], and no one returns anything.”

The Lost Explorer will also develop a bespoke glass bottle made with more than 50% recycled glass.

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