Top 10 spirits marketing moves in March 2021

6th April, 2021 by Owen Bellwood

Sea Arch Drinks

Alcohol-free ‘spirits’ company Sea Arch Drinks has partnered with marine charity The Seahorse Trust to raise funds to support its research and conservation efforts.

Sea Arch will become a member of the trust, will donate funds to the charity, encourage its customers to make donations and will actively promote the charity’s news and initiatives.

Sarah Yates, co‐founder of Sea Arch Drinks, said: “We are fortunate to have such a vast range of species living in and around our shores, and feel strongly that we have a responsibility to provide a safe and sustainable ecosystem for them. The marine conservation work that The Seahorse Trust does is vital in protecting seahorses and their natural habitats so that they – and we – can enjoy our coastlines for many years to come.”

Both Sea Arch Drinks and The Seahorse Trust are based in Devon, UK.

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