Top 10 award-winning tonics and mixers

12th April, 2021 by Nicola Carruthers

Poachers Wild Tonic With Irish Elderflower

Price: €27 (US$32) for a 24-pack of 200ml bottles

A flight of infused tonic waters resulted in a Master medal for Poachers Wild Tonic with Irish Elderflower.

One member of the panel found this tonic water to be “nice and dry without the big cordial feel to it”. The expression had a “lovely elderflower aroma – almost lychee‐like” and was said to be “prominent, delicious, with great balance”.

The tonic water also grabbed the top title of Taster Master following a re-taste of all the Master medallists.

“I love the flavour, this offers something a little more grown‐up, it’s not overly sweet like a cordial, really exceptional,” one judge said.

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  1. H. Pattick says:

    Where can you buy Thomas Henry in the United States?

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