Unmissable spirits and cocktail books for spring 2021

22nd March, 2021 by Nicola Carruthers

From the history behind Johnnie Walker whisky to a guide on making Negronis, we look at some of the top titles covering spirits and cocktails for spring 2021.

Dr Nicholas Morgan penned a new book for Johnnie Walker to mark the brand’s 200th birthday

With more time on their hands over the past year, writers have been busy conjuring up their latest books covering spirits and cocktails.

For cocktail fans, there’s a dedicated Negroni book, a tome exploring famous serves from well-known films, a guide to the home bar and drinks for those staying off the booze.

In the world of spirits, an English gin brand covered the basics of distillation while a Texas whiskey distiller looked at terroir in whiskey.

Click through for our pick of some of the best newly released books on spirits and cocktails.

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