Top 10 spirits industry fines

18th February, 2021 by Nicola Carruthers

From multi-million-dollar bribes to illegal ‘pay-to-play’ schemes, the spirits sector has been handed some hefty penalties in recent years. We look back at some of the industry’s biggest fines.

Here’s some of the biggest spirits industry fines from the last 10 years

The spirits sector has been hit with some major charges in the past decade, including fines for oil leaks, distillery fires and trademark violations.

Some of the biggest fines have happened in the US, where companies have been ordered to pay out for moves such as violating liquor control board rules and presenting ‘misleading’ sales.

From Diageo’s £33 million (US$46m) fine for ‘anti-competitive practices in the raki market’ to Southern Glazer’s illicit ‘pay-to-play’ schemes, we present 10 industry fines that made the headlines in the past decade.

Click through the following pages to discover our pick of the top 10 biggest spirits industry fines.

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