Ron del Barrilito expansion to boost production

16th February, 2021 by Nicola Carruthers

Puerto Rican rum brand Ron del Barrilito is embarking on a US$12 million expansion to increase production by 400%.

 Ron del Barrilito rum

The Ron del Barrilito range includes Four Stars rum

The multi-million-dollar investment will be phased over three years and will create nearly 40% more jobs.

The first phase of the expansion plan began with an initial US$2m investment to build a visitor centre at Hacienda Santa Ana in Bayamón, Puerto Rico.

In summer 2020, the second phase of the expansion began, which included the purchase of more than 28,000 ex-oloroso Sherry white oak barrels from Spain.

As part of the plans, Ron del Barrilito will install three new 25,000 gallon tanks to store prime raw materials, along with other industrial equipment, such as forklifts, industrial racks, pumping stations, alternate power generation systems, and laboratories.

Joaquin Bacardi, president at Edmundo B Fernández, said: “We are well ahead of what the plan entails. Our three new 25,000 gallon tanks arrived and are being set up, also 15% of the barrels have also arrived. This particular purchase is not readily available since these barrels are previously used to age oloroso Sherry in Jerez, Spain, with each lot of barrels needing to be inspected and approved by our master blender in order to meet our production standards.”

The rum producer has also completed the renovation of its 70,000 square foot ageing warehouse.

For 2021, the brand plans to boost its presence in the US and establish distribution within several key European markets.

The Ron del Barrilito portfolio includes super-premium rums Four Stars and Five Stars, and the brand’s first overproof bottling – Ron Hacienda Santa Ana (69% ABV).

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