Eagle Rare awards Off Their Plate initiative

11th February, 2021 by Owen Bellwood

Sazerac-owned Eagle Rare Bourbon has awarded US$50,000 to on-trade charity Off Their Plate to help feed local communities during the pandemic.

Off Their Plate founder Natalie Guo has been awarded the Eagle Rare Life Award

Founded by Natalie Guo, Off Their Plate partners with bars and restaurants to feed vulnerable people in the local area.

The non-profit organisation has been awarded the 2021 Eagle Rare Life Award, which donates US$50,000 to an individual or organisation that ‘finds ways to reach higher in fulfilling their American dream’.

Guo was born in China and immigrated to the US from Sweden as a child. She responded to the Covid-19 pandemic by creating a charity that both revives on-trade venues struggling with restrictions, and feeds healthcare workers and community members in need.

She was chosen out of dozens of public nominations and is the 11th recipient of the Eagle Rare Life Award.

Guo said: “It was a huge surprise to even be considered for the award.

“Off Their Plate was built by a community of volunteers who have worked tirelessly to distribute 800,000 meals across the country in the last nine months. Volunteers and friends like Alexis Harrison, who nominated me for the award, have sprung into action in every direction. This award is really theirs. I’m so honoured to accept this grant, which will help us continue to do this important work.”

Off Their Plate partners with struggling venues owned by women or people of colour to make hot meals for healthcare workers or people experiencing hunger. Each US$100 donation restores restaurant wages to the local economy while providing 10 meals for those in need.

“Natalie’s story is exceptional,” said Eagle Rare Bourbon brand director Joshua Steely.

“She has a truly representative story of pursuing the American dream to enrich her life and the lives of others. That is the embodiment of reaching higher. It’s that excellence that not only helps, but also inspires others. It’s truly patriotic and we are proud to recognise her and reward Off Their Plate with the Eagle Rare Life Award.”

Past winners of the award have included individuals who spearheaded efforts to fight childhood cancer, recognise fallen members of the military, lead environmental projects and create opportunities for those with disabilities.

Each individual recognised is honoured with the award, while a US$50,000 donation is made to the charity of their choice by Eagle Rare Bourbon.

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