Top 10 spirits marketing moves in December 2020

12th January, 2021 by Owen Bellwood

Johnnie Walker


Johnnie Walker blended Scotch whisky pledged to plant one million trees in Scotland by 2025 to reduce its carbon footprint. The trees are part of the brand’s work to replenish some of the natural materials used in whisky making.

So far, the blended Scotch brand has planted a total of 389,000 trees near two of Diageo’s Highland distilleries. Over the course of the project, the trees are expected to absorb more than 69,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide, equal to 10,500 aeroplane flights around the world.

Ewan Andrew, Diageo chief sustainability officer, said: “We are committed to a decade of action to create grain‐to‐glass sustainability in our business, and I am delighted that Johnnie Walker is leading the way for Scotch whisky.”

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