Top 10 spirits marketing moves in December 2020

12th January, 2021 by Owen Bellwood


Glenmorangie Delicious Wonderful

Scotch brand Glenmorangie released a campaign that reimagines everyday moments as ‘wonderful’ experiences. Created in partnership with photographer Miles Aldridge and agency DDB Paris, the campaign features the tagline “it’s kind of delicious and wonderful”.

The advert reimagines everyday experiences as ‘wonderful moments’ using vibrant colours and cinematic style. The campaign went live in the UK on 14 December. The campaign’s scenes show people enjoying whisky with visual nods to the brand throughout, including a tribute to Glenmorangie’s ‘spirit animal’, the giraffe, in reference to the distillery’s tall stills.

Aldridge said: “Throughout the campaign we peppered little ‘Easter eggs’, little things to find.”

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