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14th January, 2021 by Nicola Carruthers

‘Vulgar’ book slammed

Jim Murray’s latest Whisky Bible hit the headlines just days after it was published over the book’s “vulgar” language, which highlighted what has been called the industry’s Me Too moment.

Several days after the publication of the 2021 edition in September, Forbes writer Felipe Schrieberg and spirits writer and Our Whisky co‐founder Becky Paskin called out the “sexist and vulgar” language Murray used to describe certain spirits.

On social media, Paskin said “something needs to be said”, and highlighted “34 references to whisky being ‘sexy’ and many more crudely comparing drinking whisky to having sex with women”. Murray responded to the criticism, arguing the points raised online were “an attack on free thought and free speech”.

As a result, distillers around the world began distancing themselves from the Whisky Bible, including Beam Suntory and Bacardi. Sales were also discontinued by spirits retailer The Whisky Exchange.

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