Spirits trends to watch in 2021

4th January, 2021 by Nicola Carruthers

Are you ready?

The ready‐to‐drink (RTD) sector is no longer an afterthought for producers and has emerged as a potential space for many firms.

RTDs are forecast to remain the fastest‐growing alcohol sector over the next five years, according to the IWSR Drinks Market Analysis. RTDs have been boosted by hard seltzers, with many distillers putting their own spin on the alcoholic sparkling water.

As drinkers stayed at home during the pandemic or headed for open spaces, RTDs played well in these areas thanks to their convenient formats. The sector also taps into the low‐ABV movement, and more low‐ calorie, low‐sugar options could be forthcoming. More sophisticated RTD options are expected to come onto the market, and distillers may look at the relatively quiet space of Cognac‐ and whisky‐based RTDs.

The sector could soon be shaped by unusual flavours, high‐quality RTD cocktails from leading bars (particularly in the takeaway drinks era) and different packaging formats.

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