SB’s best-tasting spirits of 2020

6th January, 2021 by admin

Brandy Beehive VSOP

Brandy Taste Master 2020

The Brandy Masters 2020 took place on the same day as The Cognac Masters tasting, when a Master medal was awarded to Brandy Beehive VSOP.

Owned by Bardinet, the brandy was described as having a “nice balance of woodiness, fruitiness and sweetness”. After taking the title of Taste Master as well, judge Prousaefs of The Leaf & Cane in Blackfriars, said: “It’s really smooth with lots of flavour right away.”

Bardinet updated the recipe for Beehive VSOP in 2019 to “reflect Beehive’s expertise and heritage”. It also aimed to showcase the brandy’s French roots, while “being explorative and expressing a real savoir‐faire in the art of blending”.

Brandy Beehive VSOP was the only brandy to receive a Master accolade in last year’s Brandy Masters. Bardinet also scooped three Golds during the tasting for its Brandy Beehive XO, and Bardinet Brandy VSOP and XO expressions.

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