SB’s best-tasting spirits of 2020

6th January, 2021 by admin

Westjysk Smag Quince Liqueur

Liqueur Taste Master 2020

The Fruit flight was the largest category in The Liqueur Masters 2020. Last year’s competition produced a record number of Master medals, highlighting the enormous progress the liqueur category has made.

The sector can no longer be overlooked or shoehorned into the Christmas season – quality abounds. Flying the flag for liqueurs was Quince Liqueur from Westjysk Smag, which took a Master medal in the Fruit flight. It had “natural quince aromatics” and a “nice balance between acidity and sugar”.

Tobias Gorn, spirits specialist, consultant and writer, said: “This was as good as you can get.” The Liqueur Masters also assessed styles such as herbal liqueurs, cassis, chocolate, cream, mint, tea, traditional and own‐label releases.

Gorn said: “The entries were of exceptionally high quality, with some great classics made immaculately, and some more adventurous products.”

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