SB’s best-tasting spirits of 2020

6th January, 2021 by admin

Bulbash Green Line Delicate

Vodka Taste Master 2020

The ultimate aim of the Smooth flight in The Vodka Masters is to determine just that – the smoothness of the liquid in question. Complexity, flavour and aroma all play their part and can add enjoyable nuances to a product, but the award in this flight ultimately rests on smoothness.

Bulbash Green Line Delicate was able to deliver a beautifully smooth vodka, securing one of two Master medals awarded in the Smooth flight. The judges found this expression to be “lovely to drink with a pleasant mouthfeel and creamy finish – definitely smooth”.

Bernadette Pamplin, spirits writer and judge, commented on the flight: “Smooth is a common objective with tasting and both of those Masters were very complex and did much more than just being ‘smooth’ as to what I imagined they would. Rather than just focusing on having a clean, easy finish there was still a journey going on in the spirit.”

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