Whiskey fans can win Jameson Christmas trees

12th November, 2020 by Melita Kiely

Irish whiskey brand Jameson has turned empty bottles into Christmas trees and is giving fans the chance to take one home this festive season.


Irish whiskey fans can win one of seven Jameson whiskey trees this Christmas

The Jameson whiskey tree stands at eight feet and six inches tall, and comprises 130 empty Jameson bottles.

Seven trees have been made, each featuring a lighting system, and consumers can win one this Christmas.

Angelica Scibilio, brand director of Jameson, said: “Place our Jameson whiskey tree in your window and your neighbours will be green with envy, guaranteed.

“We understand the holidays are different this year, and we hope our legendary trees will give a few lucky consumers some extraordinary holiday memories with friends and family.”

To win one of seven Jameson whiskey trees, Irish whiskey lovers must explain why they deserve to bring a tree home to share with their friends and family this year in no more than 200 words. Visit jamesonwhiskey.com to enter.

The trees will be delivered in the first week of December and the winners will also receive a gift card.

7 Responses to “Whiskey fans can win Jameson Christmas trees”

  1. Since we cannot celebrate with our Irish family in New York we will be celebrating with our Jewish family in Chicago, and therefore it will be our very first Christmas tree. What better tree than a Jameson Tree?

  2. This year has had many trials and a tree like this will bring my husband such joy. See this year will be his first year with none of his family around him. His mother shattered her femur in June and is now bed ridden and with COVID we cannot visit her in the care facility she resides at. His brother live is California and can not join us. His father passed a few years ago. And if that isn’t enough our daughter works in a long term care facility that has already told her to not visit anyone out her own home until January. “We live in Peel. “My husband and his friends have all become loyal Jameson fans through regular “ZOOM” drinks and toasts and he will be the envy of them all. Cheers to a MERRY Christmas!!!

  3. Growing up my family had many toasts during the holidays and special occasions like getting a new job, retirement, and graduations. Jameson means family and family gatherings which are the best part of life and being around family. This New Year like many others we will be toasting the New Year with our glasses full of Jameson. We would love to gather around the Jameson tree this Christmas in our home and it would make it extra special. May you and your families be blessed. Merry Christmas. Sincerely, Robert Durkin Jr.

  4. Lorri Duncan says:

    I would like to share the tree with all my neighbors … putting it in my front room, for all to see. The folks on my end of the street are older and understand/know the tradition with all and the Jameson brand. They would say i am know the CRAZY lady of the neighborhood. They all already think that and know would have a valid reason to prove it .. especially being an older widowed lady !! like to make the neighbors question everything i do !!!!

  5. Timothy Ireland says:

    Well With my Last Name & Being a Long time Jameson Enjoyer I you’ld love to be able to show my X-Mas Spirit With my Favorite Spirit & To Be Able to Share It With My Friends , Along with mt Irish Pride & Spirit.Thanx.

  6. Timothy Ireland says:

    With My Irish Pride & Love Of Jameson , I Would love To Show my X-mas Spirit with My Favorite Spirit Jameson. And Be Able to Share my two favorite Spirits , That being Christmas & Jameson Safely With my Friends & Family. Merry Christmas To You All at Jameson .

  7. Kenneth says:

    I was fortunate to have visited Ireland for six weeks to visit my dearly departed da while he worked in Belfast. It is then, that I developed my love for Irish whiskey and the country of Ireland. I’ve always thought I was of German decent but my only brother did a DNA test to deek out our herritage. He discovered that we were in fact, Irish decendents which might explain my thirst for Irish whiskey.

    At the hotel I was staying in, I ordered a 7 & 7 and the bartender said, mate, first of all, Segrams isnt whiskey. Second of all, We don’t mix our whiskey with soda pop. Ever since, I took that to hart and have been drinkinking my whiskey neat. Preferably Jamison. Now as a disabled senior residing an assisted living facility, I can think of no better gift for Christmas than to decorate my room with this beautiful tree of Jamison bottles.

    Ken Kapanka
    (248) 978-4525

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