Top 10 spirits marketing moves in October 2020

3rd November, 2020 by Owen Bellwood


Italian bitters brand Campari has partnered with artists around the world to create its new Red Passion campaign.

Developed by director Matt Lambert, the Red Passion campaign features a series of films that showcase artists, and encourage the audience to embrace challenges in their lives.

The films include appearances from artist and saxophonist Bendik Giske, director Margot Bowman, performance artist MJ Harper and bartender Monica Berg (pictured). The videos are available to watch on YouTube, the Campari website and the brand’s Instagram page.

Francesco Cruciani, managing director Italian icons at Campari Group, said: “Working with director Matt Lambert to deliver his unique style and artists such as Monica, Bendik, MJ and Margot was truly eye‐opening as we saw Red Passion in action.”

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  1. Marketing moves will make profits soar for sure on December 🙂

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