Top 10 spirits marketing moves in October 2020

3rd November, 2020 by Owen Bellwood


To mark the two‐year anniversary of the opening of the Hendrick’s Gin Palace, owner William Grant & Sons has released a video tour of the Scottish distillery.

Located in Girvan, Scotland, entry to the Gin Palace is by invitation only. However, to mark two years since its opening, Hendrick’s has released a four‐minute film that takes viewers on a tour of the site.

The film was designed to offer gin fans a greater understanding of the production processes involved in the creation of Hendrick’s Gin.

Hendrick’s global brand ambassador Ally Martin said: “Everything we do and every way we behave links back to one thing and one thing only: our liquid. Seeing that liquid being brought to life in this way is an incredibly useful tool in our global advocacy efforts.”

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  1. Marketing moves will make profits soar for sure on December 🙂

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