Top 10 spirits marketing moves in October 2020

3rd November, 2020 by Owen Bellwood


Italian brand Italicus is supporting 80 bars around the world through its updated Aperitivo Challenge, which will see venues create bespoke serves inspired by their surrounding areas.

The Art of Italicus 2020, Aperitivo Challenge Glo‐Cal Edition has seen the brand enlist bartenders in 80 bars across 10 cities to create artistic cocktails. The brand will then work with each bartender to produce online promotional content for their venue. Bars in London, Paris, Milan, Rome, Stockholm, Athens, Barcelona, New York, Las Vegas and Miami have all taken part.

One bartender in each of the cities will be chosen to compete for the title of Best Italicus Bar Artist 2020. The winner will showcase their work through a promotional video.

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  1. Marketing moves will make profits soar for sure on December 🙂

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