Anno Distillers bottles ‘world’s strongest’ gin

2nd November, 2020 by Owen Bellwood

English producer Anno Distillers has created what is thought to be the world’s strongest gin, which carries an ABV of 95%.

Anno Extreme 95 is recommended served in 5ml measures

Anno Extreme 95 has an ABV of 95%, surpassing the previous ‘world’s strongest gin’ from Scotland’s Twin River Distillery, which had an ABV of 77%.

Anno Distillers co-founder Andy Reason, said: “It took a lot of experimentation and expertise, but we’re so proud of what we’ve achieved, without compromising on flavour.

“With my 65th birthday coming just a few days before the launch, it’s not only a fantastic way for me to celebrate such a big milestone, but it is also great to be flying the flag for both Kent and Great Britain, with a world record.”

Anno Extreme 95 is said to be “bursting with flavour”. On the nose it is “distinctively earthy, with powerful juniper and subtle citrus aromas”, while the palate has flavours of “juniper and smooth spices” with citrus and herbal notes.

The new gin is recommended served as a ‘light G&T’ using just 5ml of Anno Extreme 95 paired with an Indian tonic water and garnished with a slice of grapefruit.

A 5ml serving of Anno Extreme 95 contains 0.475 units of alcohol while a 25ml measure of 40% ABV gin contains one unit of alcohol.

Anno Extreme 95 is available to buy from the distillery’s online store, priced at £30 (US$39). Each 200ml bottle is sold in a presentation box containing a 25ml scientific measuring beaker.

2 Responses to “Anno Distillers bottles ‘world’s strongest’ gin”

  1. Kelly Simonds says:

    After a news alert on my way up to Bluewater i decided to pay the Anno Distillers shop a visit. Expecting a mouthfeel of just harsh heat , I was pleasantly surprised to taste an amazing gin. The . Anno team explained the responsible concept and offered me a small measure with the tonic….this is probably the best gin I have ever tasted. Packed with juniper, citrus and smooth spice. A gin with great length on the warm liquorice finish…truly amazing. Do visit them whilst we can.
    Well done

  2. Luke R says:

    Couldn’t take it neat, but actually a really really nice G&T. Didn’t expect to like it so much. Great for my next camping trip as apparently 40 drinks in that little bottle!

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