Top 10 spirits marketing moves in September 2020

5th October, 2020 by Owen Bellwood

Zouk and Extill

Polish vodka brands Zouk and Extill were awarded Gold medals at the 2020 Vodka Masters, hosted by The Spirits Business magazine.

The brands were honoured in the blind‐tasting competition, and were both recognised as being worthy of Gold medals during the contest. Single‐estate Zouk and Extill organic vodkas are produced using dankowskie platinum rye grains, which are grown in Poland, and spend a minimum of 80 days under the snow before being harvested.

The rye‐based vodkas are distilled seven times before being blended with natural glacial spring water. Each expression is made without the use of sugar or additives.

Zouk and Extill organic vodkas are described as having a mild floral aroma, which leads to flavours of nutmeg, apple peel, white peach and crushed black pepper.

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