Camus creates Sidecar cocktail kit

29th October, 2020 by Nicola Carruthers

Independent Cognac house Camus has unveiled a limited edition cocktail kit providing consumers with the ingredients to make a Sidecar at home.

The recyclable cocktail kit can make up to 14 Sidecars

The Camus Sidecar Kit contains a 700ml bottle of Camus Very Special, a 350ml bottle of De Kuyper Triple Sec, a cocktail shaker, one fresh whole lemon and a booklet containing the recipe.

Camus said the Sidecar is one of the most iconic Cognac-based cocktails in the world. It was created at Harry’s New York Bar in Paris in 1919.

The serve is said to require a “very aromatic Cognac”, which is why Camus has included its Very Special expression in the kit due to its “rich, fruit notes resulting from the high concentration of esters”.

To make the Sidecar, Camus also recommends consumers use a well-chilled glass and good-quality ice.

Made from 100% recyclable cardboard, the kit contains enough spirit to make up to 14 Sidecar serves.

The Camus Sidecar Kit will be available to buy online from Camus’ website from 5 November, priced at €59 (US$69).

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